My Only Chance | Out of the Darkness Series: Book 4

My Only Chance | Out of the Darkness Series: Book 4

Taking down a Mexican drug cartel was never on Callie’s bucket list. But when a distraught mother came into the clinic where she worked, panicked because her little girl had been abducted by one of the deadliest drug cartels, Callie knew she couldn’t turn her back on them.

Unfortunately, the cost of interfering was for her to forfeit the life she had come to love. Rescuing the little girl was the right thing to do, but rescuing herself when she became their captive instead, proved more difficult. But escape she did and with the help of a kindly priest Callie eventually made her way back to the United States.

Arriving back home and seeing members of the San Letas drug cartel lurking around her family home, she realized the danger she—and they—were still in. Seeking the help of a federal agency, she was quickly placed into witness
protection. But after giving up everything that meant the most to her, someone within the agency betrayed her.

Suddenly Callie was forced to run, knowing that the very people she was supposed to trust had turned on her. Travis Johanson loved being a police officer. There was something to be said for the calm ins and outs of a small town police department. He had a wonderful group of friends and had met a woman he enjoyed spending time with…when she wasn’t pushing him away. There was something about her, though, that drew him to her so he was willing to be patient and allow her to take things at her own pace.

Until Callie didn’t show up for work one day and he knew that something was
seriously wrong. Now he just had to track her down and convince her to let him
help. But would she let him?


November 10, 2017