Purposeful Betrayal

Purposeful Betrayal

Wells Kennedy was a driven, ex-navy seal looking for answers in the death of his father. While years before the coroner ruled it as a heart attack, he was convinced there was more to it. Having been released by the Navy due to injuries suffered on deployment, he now had the time to do his own investigation. He would do anything to find the truth—even if it took tracking down every single person in his father’s life and questioning them. 

Loss was something that some people experienced more than others. For Brinley Crew it was the way of her life. Having lost her parents at a young age, she knew what it was to be lonely. Somehow, though, God smiled on her and after college she met the man who would be her husband. She reveled in the family life they created until she lost both him and their daughter in a horrific fire. Now she was back to being alone and vowed that she would remain that way. She refused to lose one more person from her life and the only way to prevent that was to remain a solitary figure.

But things are never what they appear to be. For both Brinley and Wells a shocking twist of fate changes their lives and suddenly the danger is real, answers seem further away, and the future becomes more uncertain than ever.



September 1, 2021