‘Divine Intervention’

‘Divine Intervention’

Sabrina Wallace is a beautiful and independent architect with a bright future.  The only problem? Her parent’s death and a history of bad relationships have made her fiercely determined to remain alone.

Alex Deluca is an intense business entrepreneur with a successful, thriving business. With a loving supportive family behind him, he confidently goes through life, sure of himself and his place in it.

Then on one fateful day both Alex and Sabrina are brought together by a horrific plane crash.  As the only survivors, they stand side by side, giving each other the strength they need to heal from their injuries and to face the outside forces that threaten to overwhelm them.

As time goes by Sabrina realizes that Alex is everything she wants, but past experiences have taught her that being alone is safer.  Can she let go of those fears and have the life she secretly dreams of?  Could Alex truly love her or is it his misguided sense of male driven protectiveness what he’s truly feeling?

It all comes down to an evening of clashing wills and unparalleled passion that could change the course of their future forever.


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P.L. Byers
P.L. Byers has loved romance novels since she was a young girl. After reading her first romance novel, The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, a romance novel was never far from her grasp. This passion inspired a dream that someday, she too could be a romance novelist.


  1. Richard Lento 11 years ago

    very exciting, can’t wait to read it

  2. Gary Nahabedian 11 years ago

    Looking forward to it. Congratulations!

  3. Mark Drengberg 11 years ago

    So proud of you. I love you

  4. Phyllis Savill 11 years ago

    Awesome, Way to go Girl can’t wait to read it, Congratulations

  5. Mary Ouellette 11 years ago

    Wow Paula! This is amazing! I am so proud of you!!! All the best my dear friend!!! –Much love, Mary (Mrs. O)

  6. David Paradis 11 years ago

    I’m not much of a reader never mind a romantic novel but your book write-up has even me intrigued!

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