Who’s Laughing Now?

Who’s Laughing Now?

Emma St. Claire has a passion for photography. She loves looking through a lens to capture the beauty the world has to offer. At least she did…until the grainy view exposed the foot of a dead woman in red high heels. Emma knew what she saw, but with the fuzziness of the photo, finding someone who would take her seriously would be just about impossible. She was certain that no one would believe her, not even the gorgeous, serious-minded attorney next door. There was no one else to turn to, though, so she approached him with the photo.  

Sam Barrington had little patience for drama, even if it came packaged up in a pint-sized fireball who he had the misfortune to have as a neighbor. Having just made partner in his law firm, he did not have time to get involved with anyone, much less the hapless woman next door who appeared at his doorstep, shaken but resolved to drag him into her theories and assumptions.

After more bodies are found, though, it quickly becomes clear that Pittsburgh has a serial killer in their midst. Worse, Emma has garnered the attention of the killer and has now put her life in danger. Unfortunately, Sam’s protective instinct rears its persistent head and he soon finds himself working harder at protecting her than he does in trying his cases. His main concern now becomes…can he save Emma before the killer makes her his next victim? 


June 8, 2020