Just Released: A Life Worth Living

Just Released: A Life Worth Living

I am thrilled to announce that my newest book A Life Worth Living is now available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I loved writing this book and actually felt sad when I was finished with the manuscript.  What a labor of love it was, so I’m hoping that you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve loved writing it!

In case you were wondering, I’m continuing my work on the first book of a Trilogy that I’ve started. You won’t want to miss reading about best friends Brenna, Madison and Christine and how the strength of their friendship helped them survive hardships. You’ll be intrigued with the twists and turns that their lives take and of course, you’ll love meeting the men that make them stronger.  You can get a sneak peek at the first book of the trilogy in the last pages of A Life Worth Living.

Thanks for reading my books and I’ll keep you posted as the trilogy progresses. I’ve set the goal for 2014 to have all three books out. Stay tuned

P. L. Byers

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P.L. Byers
P.L. Byers has loved romance novels since she was a young girl. After reading her first romance novel, The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, a romance novel was never far from her grasp. This passion inspired a dream that someday, she too could be a romance novelist.

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  1. Anthony Coutlis 10 years ago

    Hi Paula,
    I’m sorry I can’t be there with you tonight to help you celebrate a wonderful evening for your book signing, but I am home sick with the flu.
    I hope you have a great turnout and I hope to see you soon so you can autograph my book!


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