My Every Thought

My Every Thought

Mitchell Beckett knew that he would not be able to move on with his life completely until he solved a mystery from the past. Getting shot at in the process, however, was not part of the plan.

After several surgeries, Mitchell was suddenly faced with taking time off from work, something he admittedly was not very good at. His one focus for the time being was to go to physical therapy to work on getting back on his feet and walking without the help of crutches. But when he arrives at the rehabilitation center, the last thing he expected was to run into the woman who had rejected him years before.

After years of pining for the one man who walked away from her and left her broken-hearted, Reagan Andrews had finally picked up her life and found a way to move on alone. Then one day, out of the blue, he waltzes back in—or rather hobbles back in—and demands answers about the past.

Having Mitchell back in her life was unexpected and entirely unwelcome. Threats were coming at her from several angles and the last thing she needed was to have to deal with the past as well as what was happening in her present.

Mitchell tries to honor her request to steer clear of her but when Reagan comes up missing, there’s no way he can stay out of it. He needs to find out what happened to her, and he especially needs to have a conversation with her about their past and why she stopped communicating with him.  More importantly, she needs to answer for her betrayal in the secret she kept from him.

The problem is…can he find her in time and if he does…will she finally confide in him?    


June 15, 2019