A Single Night | Out of the Darkness Series: Book 5

A Single Night | Out of the Darkness Series: Book 5

Olivia knew at an early age that life simply wasn’t fair. Born to drug-addicted parents, Olivia’s main goal was to look out for her older brother, Kevin, find food wherever possible, and keep her parents’ associates away from her and her sibling. Not easy for a fourteen-year-old, but Olivia was nothing if not tenacious.

When her parents left one day, never to return to their children, Olivia became the driving force between her and her brother. Now, years later, they still didn’t have much, but Olivia gave everything she had to supporting and nurturing Kevin. Unfortunately, he had other ideas and the harder she tried to give them a better life, the harder he worked at bringing them down. His drive to find a quick fix and an easy buck led to a gambling addiction that was close to destroying them.

Meanwhile, ex-soldier Devon was becoming more and more restless, and the flashbacks of his time in Afghanistan were coming back to haunt him. His saving grace was his job as a paramedic, which gave him something to do that he found fulfilling and kept his mind busy.

Then one cold snowy night, on a run for the fire department, he rescued a woman who immediately disappeared, leaving him determined to track her down. Her bruises were proof that she needed someone to step in and help, and he was equally determined that he be that man.

Shocked at what he learned when he finally found her, Devon becomes even more determined to find a way to make her life better. Her stubbornness at remaining independent and her refusal to accept his help drives him to distraction. When she comes up missing, though, he knows that he needs to find her. To lose her now would destroy him.  


July 20, 2018