Condemned to Run

Condemned to Run

As the guardrail came closer, Lainey Hall knew it would most likely be the last minutes of her life. The vehicle intent on pushing her off the bridge was relentless. The night was dark, the hour late, and the embankment steep. Suddenly, the reasons for her investigation didn’t seem as important as they had when she’d begun this journey. She was right in what she had done, she knew that as well as she knew her own name. But in this moment…the cost was more than she was willing to pay.

After rebuilding his life from the ground up, Ashton Jameson, was content. He’d come to grips with the fact that his best friend was dead. And while the scar on his face was a constant reminder of that night, he’d moved on. It didn’t matter that he chose to seclude himself from an unforgiving world. His life was full and included only those trusted few whom he chose to surround himself with. 

But life has a way of throwing you curves you don’t expect. Proven one day when a strange woman was dumped unceremoniously—and without his permission—in the house next door. At first, he resented her presence, until it became apparent that she was in trouble. He wanted to help her, but could he trust her? And if he stepped in, what would he be getting involved with and could it hurt the people he loved most? Sometimes things are worth the risk, but was this one of those times?  



October 5, 2022