The Unexpected Truth | Out of the Darkness Series: Book 3

The Unexpected Truth | Out of the Darkness Series: Book 3

As the owner of Shay Investigations, Ben is no stranger to hard work. He enjoys his quiet, orderly life and revels in the fact that he can pick and choose whatever case he wishes to take on. The only bump in his otherwise smooth road is his beautiful, yet incredibly frustrating assistant. Hailey was efficient, but she had a way of getting to him. Their relationship was based on a constant battle of wills, one he was determined to win.

Hailey’s one solace in her otherwise lonely life had always been her mother. But her mother was gone now and finding a path forward was proving difficult. Work gave her a place to go where she felt strong and capable, but she lost that when Ben accused her of stealing from him. Left with no choice, she resigns her position, knowing that any explanation for what was truly going on would fall on deaf ears.

It isn’t until Ben comes face to face with the truth of what Hailey had been dealing with that he realizes the mistake he made. But after fighting to get her back, he unknowingly places her in grave danger.

What began as a simple investigative case and one frustrating employee, quickly turns into a murderous theft and a connection to the only woman that ever challenged him enough to want more. Ben knows he would do anything to protect Hailey, even when she adamantly refuses to let him, but when things spin out of control, the fear of losing her becomes all too real. The only thing he’s certain of…he has to solve the case and quickly before he loses everything that has ever mattered to him.