Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

Sabrina Wallace is a beautiful and independent architect with a bright future. The only problem? Her parents’ death and a history of bad relationships made her fiercely determined to remain alone.

Alex Deluca was an equally intense business entrepreneur with a successful, thriving business. With loving parents and a brother he adores, Alex had everything he needs to be happy.

Then, one fateful day, both Alex and Sabrina are brought together by a horrific plane crash. As the only survivors, they stand side by side and give each other strength as they face the ordeal of what they experienced, the many questions, and the well-intentioned smothering by friends and family.

As time goes by, Sabrina realizes that Alex is everything she wants, but past experiences taught her that being alone was better. Can she let go of those fears and have the life she secretly dreams of? Could Alex truly love her, or is it his misguided sense of male-driven protectiveness that he’s truly feeling?

It all comes down to an evening of clashing wills and unparalleled passion that could change the course of their future forever.