A Reason to Hope: Book Two of Sisters of My Heart Trilogy

A Reason to Hope: Book Two of Sisters of My Heart Trilogy

Madison Bowman had a wonderful family and two best friends that meant everything to her. She was working hard in the world of fashion, hoping to someday become the newest and most infl uential designer in the fi eld.
Th en one day, in a chance meeting, Maddy met the one man she knew she was destined to be with.

Zander Cole had his life mapped out. Losing his father at a young age and helping his mother through the ordeal taught him many lessons. Th e most important one was that it was best to not get involved in a relationship that would require more than he was willing to give.

Th en one day, Maddy appeared on his horizon, and he couldn’t seem to get the feisty, auburn-haired woman out of his mind. Realizing he was wasting time denying his attraction, Zander decided he needed to face his fears and talk to Maddy. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and he stood helplessly by as the woman he loved ran out the door.

Knowing he needed to give her space, Zander waited patiently until he learned that she was involved in a tragic accident, and he rushed to be with her. Not sure if she’d recover, he stayed by her side, hoping and praying for her to get well.
Maddy was touched that he was there but uncertain whether his presence was truly out of love, as he says, or misplaced guilt, as she suspects.

Can Zander convince Maddy that his love is true? More importantly, will Maddy take that next step in their relationship and place her heart and soul in his keeping?